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Mission Statement

North Lambton Childcare Centre is a multi-service centre dedicated to providing safe, quality care, education and developmental opportunities to the children and families of the community.

North Lambton Childcare Centre provides an early learning and care program to children ages 3 months to 12 years at the following sites:

Main Site, 37 Morris St – 3 months to start of JK
Kinnwood School – JK/SK and School Age
St. John Fisher School – 2.5 years to start of JK, JK/SK, School Age
St. Peter Canisius School – 2.5 years to start of JK, JK/SK, School Age
Grand Bend School – 2.5 years to start of JK, JK/SK, School Age


We Serve: Families with young children in both rural and urban communities.

We Support: Professionals and caregivers with their roles working with young children.

We Respect: The unique needs and differences of families appreciating individual cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.


North Lambton Childcare Centre Quality Statements:

 Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and health. Partnerships with families and communities strengthen the ability of early childhood settings to meet the needs of young children.

 Demonstration of respect for diversity, equity and inclusion are prerequisites for optimal development and learning.

 A planned curriculum supports early learning. Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance.

 Knowledgeable and responsive early childhood practitioners are essential to early childhood settings.


Inclusive Programs

At North Lambton Childcare Centre we provide care and learning opportunities for all children.  All children are treated equally and we do whatever is possible to ensure full participation in our program.  In collaboration with outside agencies, we are dedicated to providing the resources required in order for the child to achieve success and have a great sense of belonging.


“How Does Learning Happen: Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”

At North Lambton Childcare Centre our program is based on the interests of the child and the Four Foundations of Learning outlined in the Ministry of Education’s document “How Does Learning Happen: Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”.
The Four Foundations that are important for children to grow and flourish include:

1. Belonging: Building relationships, and feeling connected to community, is at the core of everything we do.

2. Engagement: Children are given opportunities to explore the world with body, mind, & senses.

3. Well Being: Children are nurtured as they develop a sense of identity, and learn to make healthy choices (both physically & emotionally).

4. Expression: Children are seen as capable communicators who express themselves in many ways.