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NLCC Parents Section

This section of the North Lambton Childcare Centre is for NLCC Parents.  This portion of our website will be maintained and updated regularly with the focus of keeping our parents up to date.


Whether your child is 3 months of age, or 9 years old, North Lambton Childcare Centre provides the daycare environment that you’re looking for.  Visit us personally and see the daycare programs suited for each and every age of your child’s development.

To apply for child care or to add your child’s name to a wait list, please visit the OneList website today.

Enrollment Package

Stop by the North Lambton Childcare Centre or simply click on the link to receive an enrollment package for your child or children. (* please note immunization records are not required for children in school)

Parent’s Handbook

When you enroll your child with the North Lambton Childcare Centre you will receive a parent’s handbook  for your child or children.



North Lambton Childcare Centre offers 3 types of Childcare:

Full Time – 5 days per week

Part-Time – minimum 8 days per month

Flex Care – Anything less than 8 days per month

Please note that if your child attends Junior or Senior Kindergarten, there are no minimum number of days your child must attend per month. Parents are requested to submit their monthly schedule of attendance to the Site Supervisor by the 20th of every month, for the following month. Please note that while we strive to accommodate everyone, we cannot guarantee a spot for children who do not commit to a schedule upon registration.

2017 Child Care Rates

Billing of Fees

Although North Lambton Childcare Centre is fortunate to receive financial support through the County of Lambton, the main source of revenue is through parent fees. Parents and caregivers are billed for child care fees by the 5th day of each month for the month of care in which the billing occurs. Payment in full is due by the 15th of each month (i.e. May billing is completed by May 5th for any scheduled child care in May. Payment is due by May 15th). Payments not made by the 15th will be subjected to a $25.00 late fee. This fee will is automatically billed to your account. A reminder to make a payment will be provided at this time. Failure to pay in full or to arrange a payment plan will result in a letter with a suspension date for termination of childcare until payment in full is received. Any outstanding balances after 60 days will be sent to collections. Any changes to your child’s schedule during the month will be credited or debited in the next billing.

Fee Reduction

There is a 10% discount available for families with more than one child enrolled in any of our programs. This discount applies to the oldest child(ren).  The discount is not available with flex care, infant care or PELP rates.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance in the form of childcare subsidy may be available to those families who qualify. For more information contact:

Lambton County Child Care Services Department 519-344-2062 ext. 2201 or visit www.ourbeststart.ca

Use the subsidy calculator for an estimate on how much subsidy you may qualify for.

For more information please use our Contact page.