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Photo of the school age program

Emergent Curriculum

North Lambton Childcare Centre promotes an Emergent Curriculum philosophy in our early childhood classrooms.  This philosophy of learning allows for the classroom learning activities to surround the interests and skills of the children and build upon them.  Activities are planned around the interests of the children which provides motivation for learning and the hands on experiences continue their involvement in the learning process.  Each program posts their Program Plans for parents and caregivers to review.

Ontario Early Learning Framework

When planning our curriculum we take into consideration the Ontario Early Learning Framework which has been created by the Best Start Expert Panel as a guide to identify developmental milestones in early learning and care.  This tool is used as a base when observing the children’s growth and learning and assists in sharing information with families surrounding their child’s progress.  Observation and documentation of children’s play is an important tool to gage children’s learning and interests.  Your child’s teacher will show you where to locate the documentation done in the program.

NLCC Program Statement


North Lambton Childcare Centre’s Programs

Infant Care & Learning

North Lambton Childcare Centre offers care and learning opportunities to Infants from 3 – 18 months of age.  Through indoor and outdoor play, interactive circle activities, and creative experiences, the children build on their development and socialization skills.

Toddler Care & Learning

Our Toddler Program is offered to children ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years of age.  The children learn through play and daily explorations.  We build our curriculum on the interests of the children and encourage their development through songs, stories, games, creative activities, indoor and outdoor play and socialization with their peers.

Pre-School Care & Learning

At North Lambton Childcare Centre we prepare your preschooler for school.  We provide early learning opportunities through daily program activities.  Each child’s skills and development is encouraged through activities that promote early literacy skills, math skills and social skills.

PELP Program

North Lambton Childcare Centre offers the Preschool Early Learning Program (PELP) funded by the County of Lambton.

PELP at the North Lambton Childcare Centre offers:
  • Quality early learning and care licensed by the Ministry of Education
  • Programming for young children that is based on an emergent curriculum and encompasses the Ontario Early Learning Framework
  • A play-based environment which guides children’s learning, enhancing their knowledge and meeting each child’s individual developmental needs.

PELP Guidelines for September 2016

PELP 2016 Registration Form

JK/SK & School Age Program

The home is the safest place for a child after school, but when being home isn’t possible, let North Lambton Childcare Centre be your after school solution.

The children attending our after school program are given an extension of the educational setting they come from.